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We don’t need no stinkin last names

Posted in Technology and Software by nimad on March 21, 2006

I spent today at EclipseCon.  Here are some observations.  

1.  About 80% of attendees that I have ran into up until now are IBM employees. 

2.  There was an award ceremony tonight.  The gentleman giving out the awards called 9 finalists for 3 categories to the stage.  He said that he did not want to mispronounce their names so he will only call them by their first names.  Then he announces the winners by their first names (Jack, Jill, Joe, …) and gave them their prizes and everyone was sent off the stage.  In my opinion, if you are given the honor to give awards to folks who have done great work in your community, the least you can do is to learn their names and announce it.  If you are incapable of doing so, you should not be giving out the awards.   The award ceremony was, in my opinion, awful.  The folks giving the awards had no passion, energy or excitement. 

3.  The game show host was on the other hand fun and energetic.  I volunteered my coworker and fellow attendee Ani Babaian for the gameshow.  She performed valiantly.  While she did not win the grand prize which was a Spam gift pack — yikes — she handled the host very well and answered many questions correctly. 

4.  I attended a talk on Compuware’s OptimalJ product.  This tool uses MDA to generate J2EE code with EJBs and all the goodies.  Compuware makes tools for both the Java and .NET platforms.  When I asked if they have a similar tool for .NET, Mike Sawicki, the product manager, said that they built a prototype at some point.  When they showed it around, they found that there was not enough customer interest to warrant building it.  Here is my interpretation:  Writing EJBs is so hard that you need an industrial strength tool like OptimalJ if you have not spent years perfecting your skills.  Writing distributed applications in .NET is so much easier that you do not really need a tool like this to do the job.  With Indigo (Windows Communication Framework) this is even going to become simpler.  



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