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Should Windows go open source?

Posted in Technology and Software by nimad on March 23, 2006

Greg Stein, the chairman of the Apache Software Foundation and an open source developer at Google gave the keynote today.  He basically described the different licensing models of software, from total proprietary to Microsoft’s Shared Source to CopyLeft licenses such as GPL to Non-CopyLeft licenses such as BSD and the Apache License.  He said that over the next 10 years, software products will move down this chain and eventually most licenses will be Non-CopyLeft.  The exception to this is software as a service that will remain proprietary such as Google, Yahoo, …

After the talk, I asked him if Microsoft should make Windows open source.  He was hesitant to answer first since a press member was part of our circle.  He explained that Google PR staff had instructed him not to talk to the press about competitor matters such as Microsoft stuff.  So the press member, promised not to listen.  Then, Gerg answered my question.  He said that making Windows open source would fragment the market and make it confusing and difficult for the users.  He said that in his opinion it would not be good for the users and it should not be done.  He is a Microsoft alumnus, and said that Microsoft is also moving to a service based or subscription based model and therefore, according to his formula, it will not need to go open source.


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