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Eyes wide open at the Microsoft Technology Summit

Posted in Technology and Software by nimad on April 11, 2006

Its 5:27 am and I am wide awake from excitement.  Today is the first day of the 2006 Microsoft Technology Summit, MTS.  This is a 3 day event where 50 of the top technologists and thought leaders from around the world who work primarily with non Microsoft technologies are invited to
Redmond to participate in a frank discussion with the top engineers at Microsoft.   Today, Don Box will be talking about Declarative/Functional Programming and Modeling, Rick Rashid will be talking about Microsoft Research, and Bill Hilf will be talking about Open Source at Microsoft.  Being the
Northern California person at Microsoft responsible to invite attendees to the event I have brought with me five heavy hitters in technology.  Alok Bhanot, VP of Architecture at eBay.  Assaf Arkin, author of the BPEL spec, founder of Intalio, and co.mments.  Brian Behlendorf, founder of Apache, Organic, and Collabnet.  Tantek Celik, responsible for the Mac IE, microformats, and founder of Technorati.This is the second year Microsoft is having this event.  Rick Ross from Java Lobby was one of the attendees last year.  You can hear his report at Last night we had a reception. Brian talked about how technology can help Micro Finance.  He told me and Alok the story of how years ago, this guy shows up at Organic and tells them about his idea for an online auction site.  He asks them to build it for 20% share.  While Brian was for it, Organic turned the offer down.  Of course the guy was Mr. Omidyar and the company that he was starting became eBay. Last night at the reception, Jack Ozzie and his team joined us.  They are the team responsible for SSE and Live Clipboard.  They talked about how they are implementing these technologies in some of the Microsoft products.    Assaf and one of our Architect Evangelists had a animated discussion about technology.  Things are just starting up.  It will be a most interesting three days.    


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