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Silicon Valley Code Camp is this weekend

While I am sitting far and away from Silicon Valley, I will be watching as the second Silicon Valley Code Camp happens this weekend. I want to tell all the developers, coders, architects, hackers, or whatever techie names they want to call themselves who live in or near the Valley how lucky they are to have such a great event there. Some of my favorite techies will be speaking at this event. People like Douglas Crockford, Juval Lowey, and Matt Mullenweg will be taking time to share their knowledge and experiences with the rest of us and thanks to the hard work of folks like Peter Kellner who have spent countless hours organizing this event, it will all be for free. Believe me, people from other parts of the country or the world do not have this same luxury to drive a few minutes from their home and listen, learn, and share with such a powerful group of software engineers and pioneers involved in such a divers array of technologies. Fortunately, the word has gotten around and over 700 people have registered. Unfortunately, many of those who register will not show up. Mainly because registration is free and the barrier to entry is nothing. So at the last minute, they decide to do something else or feel lazy or … I don’t really know why. All I know is that this is a great opportunity. People pay hundreds of dollars at conferences to see the same speakers give the same talks and folks in the Valley have a wonderful chance to take advantage of it for free this weekend. So don’t let this opportunity go by. If you have not registered, register now. If you have registered, set your alarm clock for Saturday morning and go down there. You are blessed with the opportunity to live in the valley and take advantage of this. Take full advantage of it.

I wish I was there.


How to get a Free Legal Production Version Windows Vista

Posted in .NET, CodeCamp, free, Microsoft, programming, software, technology, Technology and Software, vista, windows by nimad on September 12, 2006

The Windows Vista Team will be holding a Windows Vista Install Faire as part of The Silicon Valley Code Camp on Oct 7,8.  Those who participate will get the help of the team that built Vista to install the latest build of the RTM candidate.  Once Vista is released, all participants will get a free copy of Vista Ultimate.  Space is limited and you will need to register beforehand, so they know how much hardware and engineers to send down for the event.  Make sure you read the details of system requirement, backups, and what to bring and not bring carefully to make sure we could actually upgrade your system.    To register go to