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Posted in 104812 by nimad on October 5, 2007

here are some of the things said in the fishbowl tonight:

fish ball why is alternative
patterns to produce better software
.net is not driven by community as opposed to ruby or java community
.net community is the office sharepoint community.
things that suck: msdn events (ypou can click five tomes and you have a production all), magazine articles,

you dont like mort? you are wishing mort was more like you? to give people significant options other than what is coming from msft

actively challenge assumptions on software.

try to build a community that actively think about the quality of software we are building and how long does it take.

i want to have your baby, jb.

there is no thought given to maintainability or scalability, it is about it comves from someone who is bigger than me so it must be right.

is there a alternative better way to do things with .net. connecting team systems with external tools and making it work.

build passion around msft software again.

stop the hurt.

we can talk about the pain. is also about the joy of building great systems.

we are doing cool fun stuff.

the values support the tools. it is not just that the vendor gives ups the tools.

stuff msft puts out is good for a large class of people.

msft vs anti-msft track at codecamp? how to write better software.

looking outside msft to make msft devs be beter.

we are like master woodworkers. but there are dumb carpenter out there also.

we are all pitchin in. what specific we do not like? what dont you like. you dont like msdn? i dont like it either. what else?

its a miss match between what this group of devs wants to approach software and the tools. the next person next to you may know a lot more about software is

mort is crying while mommy and daddy are fighting.

tooling makes great demos.

one big thing is inversion of control. i do not want to directly couple to concrete types. the

what is ? we are creative and trying to do better.

cifactory, monorail, .. were uilt on ideas, those are the con = msft + open source + agile + ….

subversion works so i am not looking at team foundation server

in trying to solve my pains. it happens that i do not like te event driven model pulled from windows for things that are solving my pain are not msft right now.

this has not been edited and i captured as much as i could.

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